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7 Masculine Decor Items That Need To Be in Every Man's Cave

Your lady has her “She Shed” and now it’s time for you to get your own man cave. But there’s one problem – the budget has run dry and you’re in no shape to break your bank to turn one of your rooms, in your home, into a dark, masculine cave. Not a problem! You can easily start transforming any room in your home into something new, simply by installing some or our hand crafted industrial decor. To get you started, we’ve created a list of the top home decor pieces that need to be in every man cave.


Iron Coat Hooks

Give your pals a place to hang their jackets in your man cave. These iron coat hooks are the perfect accessory that has all the masculinity you’re looking for. Just install them on the wall (all of the fixings are supplied with the iron coat hook) and you’re ready for everything from jackets to sweaters, caps and baseball hats on them.

The good news? Your lady will be shocked at how tidy you’ve managed to keep the man cave!


Industrial Coat Rack

Singular iron coat hooks will do just fine on typical days but for the days when the big game is on and all your pals are coming to chill in “the man cave”, you’re going to want more hooks. Fortunately, this industrial coat rack takes up minimal wall space and t adds the perfect statement into the room.


Industrial Pipe Shelf Bracket

One of the best and easiest ways to transform your home into a man cave is to add some rugged, masculine elements into the interior – and that’s exactly what these industrial pipe shelving brackets do.

They bring all the rugged roughness of “the boys” and display it proudly.


Handcrafted Wine Bottle Holder

Perhaps some of your more discerning friends are wine connoisseurs. Make sure you always have a bottle of vino readily available during game night with this handcrafted wine bottle holder that mounts the good stuff right to the wall.


Handmade Copper Wine Glass Holder

What good would a bottle of wine be without some wine glasses? Sure, the boys may not care what they drink their beverages out of, but if you do have a wine connoisseur in the group, they’ll likely want to sniff and swirl their wine in a proper wine glass. And hey – when you can display them like this on a handmade copper wine glass holder, why not?


Industrial Iron Handles

It doesn’t matter where you install these industrial iron handles, whether it’s on a bar fridge or cabinet doors, the front door to the cave or the secret door to the wine cellar – every man cave needs this addition.

Swapping out the hardware in your man cave for manly alternatives is an excellent way to transform your space” from “family room” to “for the guys”.  


Vintage Cast Iron Sign


No man cave is complete without a sign that declares the space as your own. What may surprise you though is that the sign doesn’t have to read ‘man cave’ or your name at all because the sign in itself says it all.

This Vintage Cast Iron Sign is definitely a must, as it adds some industrial British charm into your man cave – and we’ll cheers to that! 

Let the man cave renovations begin – and for a fraction of the price – by adding these must have man cave handmade décor items into the space. Visit Quirk Hub today and let’s turn your man cave into your very own pub by tonight!